Tour Edge Golf 1Out Wedge Review

Get ready for some lofty shots, thanks to the heavy sole in the Tour Edge Golf 1Out wedge. Clearly, the 1Out designation refers to the power behind every shot. The heavier head launches the ball through your swing to create greater distance.

Luckily, you don’t need as much muscle due to other design elements found in Tour Edge Golf’s unique design. It looks as if the wedge is missing weight, but in reality the club tries to make the most difficult part of your short game an easier proposition.

Tour Edge Golf 1Out Wedge

Bunker Buster

The 1Out wedge’s only purpose is to get your ball out of the sand and back into the fairway or onto the green. Therefore, the extra-wide sole goes along the ground to get the ball out of its tough lie. The bottom is almost as wide as the entire face of the wedge. The sole glides over the top of the sand or the grass. It adds weight to the club, but you may not have to swing any harder to make this club work for you.


To make up for the added weight of the club head, designers added 90 grams of weight to the handle just above the grip. This makes the wedge easier to swing so the weight acts more like a pendulum. This unique design feature attempts to make your swing more stable as it firms up your wrists.

Rocket Launch

The heavy sole launches your ball off the ground without the need for more muscle in your swing. This might give you less control over the spin or loft, but at least the ball gets moving towards its intended target.

Steel Shaft

The steel shaft provides the necessary sturdiness for a heavy club and grip. The shot feels solid every time you make contact.

Easy Swing

Despite the extra weight, the wide sole is designed to make your swing through the sand easier. The extra weight comes in below the ball and at the furthest point from your swing. This creates a better situation for your sand shots  as the club gets the ball out of harm’s way without digging into the sand.

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  • Lifetime warranty.
  • 30-day play guarantee.
  • Great for bunker shots.


  • Not included in standard sets.
  • Requires more precise swings for other effects, such as spins.

Final Verdict

This wedge has a mid-range price for golfers who need an added boost for getting out sand traps without spending a lot of money. Although it may not be as precise on distance, angles and loft as higher-end wedges, the 1Out gives you power where you need it the most. The “bunker buster” mentality may limit this club’s usefulness in your arsenal, but it might save your short game if there are a lot of bunkers near the hole. This is a good choice for beginners, most certainly.

Every wedge in this review is a relevant choice for golfers who want to get more out of their short game. However, each club achieves this through different means.

Out of all five of these wedges, the best all-around choice is  the Ray Cook Shot-Saver Alien wedge simply because it’s a good choice for a golfer of any skill level. It combines engineering concepts that contemporary golfers love with common-sense improvements to improve accuracy of shots. The Shot-Saver also comes in the middle in terms of price, so it’s not too cheap and not too expensive.

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