Ray Cook Golf Shot-Saver Alien Wedge Review

Despite its funny name, the Shot-Saver Alien wedge from Ray Cook Golf features an oversized club face and two-piece construction that typifies Ray Cook clubs. The extra-large face and the wide sole are designed to make more inertia for the club as it strikes the ball. Better inertia, depending on the angle of your shot, can increase the height or distance of the ball as it approaches the green.

The larger club head reduces any twisting in the midst of your swing, thereby producing more accurate shots when the ball releases from the wedge. In terms of price and technology, the Ray Cook Shot-Saver Alien wedge is a good compromise between Mizuno and Pinemeadow.

Ray Cook Golf Shot-Saver Alien Wedge

Hybrid Club

Alien is the company that started the hybrid club revolution. The wedge may look like a wood and feel like an iron, but it’s all pitching wedge. That means parts of the wedge are hollow, similar to a wood, but the iron has a solid metal construction to handle just about any rough lie near the green. Swing with confidence as your club cuts through anything in its path.

Wide Sole

The wide sole, at the bottom of the club, allows you to change the angles of your club as it strikes the ball. It also increases the inertia of the shot so the ball explodes out of the bunker, rough or tough lie on the fairway. The sole can also help loosen sand, rough or grass as you swing through.

Sweet Spot

Even if you mis-hit your shot, the extra-large sweet spot on the club may still save it. This gives you more confidence as you approach the ball and aim for the flag. The hollow chambers inside the wedge evenly distribute the force of the strike so you ball leaves the ground crisp and clean.


Inertia is everything in golf. This wedge increases the inertia of your swing just because of its construction. Ray Cook Golf has more than 50 years of engineering and research behind the club. Because of the improved moment of inertia, even your mis-hits may result in a decent shot. Again, this plays into your confidence factor when you do something good on the links.

Any Skill Level

The Shot-Saver Alien wedge is a great choice for any skill level. It may not come with every set of clubs, so you may have to order this one separately. However, the investment pays off as the club forgives any twisting, errant movements or lack of power in your swing.

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  • Good shot control.
  • Great with mis-hits.
  • Works for any skill level.


  • People not used to hybrids should practice first.
  • Not included with standard sets.

Final Verdict

This is a great extra club for beginners who may not have the precision of a professional. The Ray Cook Golf Shot-Shave Alien wedge makes up for any minor mistakes in form with its thoughtful construction. This wedge works really well when you want to blast out of a bunker, cut through the rough or land a solid shot from 50 yards away.

Once you practice a few rounds with this wedge, you may find yourself with lower and lower scores due to more accurate and confident swings. Ray Cook is a classic brand that goes between lower-end clubs and state-of-the-art designs.

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