Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge Review

Pinemeadow Golf’s PGX wedge is a great wedge for beginners because of its price and versatility. Just about any wedge is made to very specific standards, and this 56-degree wedge is no exception. Pinemeadow prides itself on the right type of give on the hitting surface so the ball pops off the ground.

Pinemeadow Golf is a great set to have for beginning golfers because an entire range of clubs won’t cost a lot of money. Just remember to add a wedge to your golf bag so you can get out of any bunkers or reach the green. See what the PGX wedge has to offer.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge

For Any Skill Level

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX wedge is made for any skill level. If you just want to step up to the ball and rip it, you can get a good 100-yard shot onto the green with this baby. For finesse shots, hold back on the power and loft the ball at a steeper angle. This wedge is perfect for anyone just trying to make the green or attempting to hole a shot from a few yards off the green.

Good Grip and Steel Shaft

Each Pinemeadow Golf club comes with the standard grip that the company makes. These grips offer you a slightly contoured shape so you can handle the wedge anywhere on the shaft. The manufacturer sells grip kits if you ever need to replace it, or you can buy custom-fit grips if you’re a serious golfer. The grip covers a steel shaft so you have a solid swing every time.

Midsize Sole

The midsize sole, or the bottom of the club, lets you play as accurately as possible no matter how your ball lies. The sole isn’t too big, so you can get into the sand, but it’s not too small for shots from in the rough on the edge of the green. The sturdy construction of the sole gives way to a forgiving hitting surface that strikes the ball.

Forgiving Hitting Surface

Perhaps the most important aspect of this wedge is its forgiving hitting surface. That means you get to control more aspects of your shot. A surface with a lot of give makes the ball pop off the ground better and release from the club with more speed. The surface narrows towards the toe to reduce the club’s weight, and this design feature runs from the heel to the toe to create this effect.

Sharp Leading Edge

The club’s leading edge, or the front of the face of the club, makes solid contact with the ball every time you connect properly. The sharp leading edge lets you control exactly how the club hits the ball.

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  • Solid steel construction and good grip.
  • Accurate play for any lie.
  • Good hitting surface to hit longer distances or higher angles.
  • Great for any golfer from beginner to seasoned pro.


  • Standard sizes; customization costs more.
  • Addition to a standard set rather than in a regular set.

Final Verdict

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge is a fine addition to any set. You’ll have to pay a little extra money beyond your standard set of clubs, but the investment can take your game to a new level. The wedge isn’t fancy, nor does the company claim any state-of-the-art technology that high-end manufacturers put into their clubs.

However, this wedge uses modern manufacturing techniques that all of the best companies employ. This golf club is made in America, and it frequently rates as one of the top 10 in the industry.

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