Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge Review

Mizuno Golf’s JPX S2 series approach wedge is in a class by itself. If you want a lot of technology behind your wedge, this is your club. The club’s entire design makes it easier for you to get out of bunkers, lay up for those hard chip shots and put spin on the ball when you need it the most.

The technology in this club relies on a combination of grooves, a milled clubface and a wide sole. If you buy any extra Mizuno club in your bag, this should be it.

Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge

High Performance

The entire club has a high performance standard. Mizuno is the industry leader when it comes to packing a lot of science, technology and engineering into a golf club. This wedge is part of that overall brand, and golfers who know how to win their short game love this wedge. The manufacturer claims it maximizes USGA standards with the grooves in the face.


Mizuno’s quad-cut grooves give you the best possible ball control and spin as soon as the ball hits the club face. The grooves are different in every type of approach wedge Mizuno makes. If you buy a wedge with a 50-degree loft, the grooves are different from those with a 60-degree loft. Mizuno makes the grooves narrower for smaller angles, and wider for larger angles, so you have better control over the ball when it strikes the club. Shallower grooves on smaller-angle wedges give you more spin control, while deeper grooves on larger wedges provide more distance control.

Ball Control

Golfers find they have better ball control with Mizuno’s approach wedge. Even when someone misses a shot slightly, the ball still ends up in a good position. Certainly use the wedge for shots from the bunker, but also for regular fairway shots when you need precision close to the green. The club has a feel when you hit shots from the rough.


The club comes with a steel shaft and an expertly milled face. All of this lends to a smooth hit on impact, and you don’t need a lot of power for finesse shots. The smooth sole lets you reduce any bouncing as the club approaches the ball. If you want a lighter-weight club, Mizuno makes a graphite version that’s generally more expensive than the steel shaft.

No Vibrations

Mizuno’s JPX S2 approach wedge has very little vibration when the club strikes the ball. Less vibrations means a purer shot. The feel of the shot is similar to that of other Mizuno products, so you know you’re getting the best product from the manufacturer.

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  • Excellent ball control.
  • Great spin ability.
  • Very little vibration.


  • May be overwhelming for novice or beginning golfers.

Final Verdict

Mizuno has a very good approach wedge in its JPX S2 line. Buy whatever club you want based on your angles and loft you want. Mizuno also has a ton of custom grips for the club to give you the best possible control on your shot. The one downside is that Mizuno makes clubs more for professional or serious golfers rather than people who are just out there having fun.

You should already know how to handle approach shots, bunkers and lies in the rough before you invest in this high-quality approach wedge. Overall, it’s well worth the money if you know how to use it.

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