How to Improve Your Backswing

The backswing is the first part of the swing that starts with the club head behind the ball and ends when it is drawn back behind the player’s head. It is like a passive phase of the swing movement.

It is a precision movement that simply positions the club and the body in readiness for the downswing along and into the intended line of flight.

It is one of the most important movements of the swing. Once you master and polish your backswing, your downswing will have better consistency, more power and your striking of the ball will be a lot crisper for powerful, iron shots.

Now that we have already established with good reason that a better backswing will make you a better player, let’s make you one then! Here are some tips on improving your backswing;

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Getting into a good position is vital because it sets you up for the proper downswing from inside the swing path onto the ball. I will give you an easy way to learn one position in the following easy steps.

Step up to the ball correctly, bended at the waist while flexing your knees and arms slightly. Then while maintaining that posture, raise the club directly and place it on your shoulder, beside your neck. Make sure your bent elbows are close together.

Then turn your hips and shoulders away from the target and when the turn is complete, outstretch your left arm as far as it can comfortably reach. In this position, the arm is it is almost straight, and this is how you know you have it right.

This is a correct top-of-the-swing position that ensures the club can swing back smoothly in the reverse direction into the downswing and the intended line of flight. You can practice it anywhere to perfect it so that when you go out to play, it is easy as pie.

Relieve Tension

If you are tense, you will not have a perfect backswing so make sure you eliminate tension as it holds you back from achieving a proper backswing. Tense muscles are tight muscles, and that will stand in the way of your flexibility and can cut your backswing short, and we don’t want that.

To eliminate tension, make sure you have a pre-shot routine. It doesn’t even have to be tough; it can be as simple as taking deep breaths. These will surprisingly calm you down and have you in the best, relaxed state for a good backswing.

Length of the Backswing

Taking a long backswing is important, for it generates enough power for the perfect downswing. So as not to cut your backswing short and sacrifice power, make sure your hands should reach the level of your head before the club reverses back into the downswing.

Some might argue that a backswing has nothing to do with the generation of power for it is a positional movement, and the ball is not hit on the backswing. While this is completely true, it is important to note that I said a long backswing, with emphasis on the long.

When it comes to the length and its effect the club coming down on the downswing, this is pure physics. Otherwise, the backswing is just correctly positioning the club at the top of the swing and aligning it well for the downswing along and into the intended line of flight.

Length ensures that you complete your backswing. An incomplete backswing will only cause the club to be out of position at the top, then there will be a wrong downswing line, and the intended line of flight will not be achieved.

Exercise Regularly for Flexibility

This could be self-explanatory to some but, exercises build or improve flexibility. For an effective backswing, a player should be able to move their hips, arms, and shoulders well enough to take a full backswing. With regular exercise, flexibility for the correct body turn is achieved or maintained.

This flexibility can be brought about by exercise routines that involve stretching. Also, consider your stance and match it to your flexibility level. A narrow stance helps you rotate back further and lengthen your backswing.

Although there are ways around it, like lifting the heel near the top of the backswing to allow more rotation, also lengthening the backswing. This technique is employed by less flexible players, and even though it works, it is better to be more flexible so get to exercising now to improve your backswing.

Correct Arm and Body Movements

Ensure you have these completely mastered. By achieving the correct movements of the body, it gives you maximum leverage, and the arm will swing into the full extent for the efficient backswing.

Learn what every movement does to your advantage. For example, a full shoulder turn predisposes the arms to swing fully into a correct position at the top, and from there it can swing back in a correct line to create straightness and power.


  • Complete the backswing first, it is vital
  • Turn fully into the backswing so that the club reaches the correct position at the top
  • Employ your body in the right way
  • Correctly align with precision for accuracy


  • Don’t let your body hinder or destroy the swing
  • Don’t use force during the backswing. That comes later in the downswing.

Final Words

Golf is a great, relaxing sport. Some play it for leisure, and some play it professionally. All the same, be at the top of your game and this is achieved by so many little things that altogether make you a great golfer.

Like the backswing which happens to be one of the most vital, for it is one of the first positions of a swing, and it greatly determines a lot of things in your shot. So upgrade your status to pro golfer today by improving your backswing using these tips.

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