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Golf is a great, popular outdoor sport. Some might even say it is for the elite in the society, but I strongly dispute that as anyone can play golf.

As long as you have the right tools, understand the rules and the etiquette while on the course and can make intelligent decisions, you are as good as ready to play.

Every good golfer will agree with me that the swing is where it all begins and I will give you some golf swing tips and guides in a very simple language to improve your next game greatly.


Swinging instructions can be complicated and can easily get you confused. Here is what you need to know, though; Swinging in balance is the most important thing. It is the basis of everything.

It starts with ensuring that your stance is solid, wide, and balanced and then build your swing from the ground upwards. If you move on your heels or your toes during the swing, it will completely throw you off balance and mess up your balance

Swinging Path

After you let go, make sure that you are swinging on the right path. The golf swing is not horizontal, vertical or flat. The path it follows is more like a tilted circle. Visualize a tilted hula-hoop in the air and swing along that path, then swing through to a comfortable and balanced finishing position.


Tempo is the amount of time in total to create your swing from the beginning to the end. Practice your tempo and slow it down, for this helps in letting your body weight shift itself in the right sequence for the most power. It helps you use the weight of your body to your advantage. Swinging in tempo also lets your body and hands align the club face to the proper line.

A fast tempo is also fine, as long as you maintain the same tempo for every club in the bag. If you vary your tempo from club to club, you will not maintain the timing required to hit consistent golf shots.

Use Your Body to Your Advantage

Knowing what parts of your body to manipulate for great results is a plus. Make sure your hands and your body work in sync because just swinging with your hands is underusing your body. Swinging with just your hands minimizes your power, and you do not get as much control of the club as opposed to when you swing with your body. Start moving the club with your chest or shoulders, not your hands. This gives you more power and more consistency, and that is just what you need in your swing and at the course.

Your hips also come handy a lot for a good swing. A lot of good swinging tips are accredited to bumping at the hips rather than using your upper body. The lower body should start the movement, then the upper body should follow. A great posture is also achieved by tilting at your hips and not your waist.

Learn the ‘jargon.’

For professionals, this is child’s play, but for beginners, these can be a bit much. This is why I have tried as much as I could to avoid the jargon and use the simplest terms. Before getting involved in the game, make sure you learn basic terms. And not just these, also learn about the clubs, the rules of the game, etiquette, costs, dress codes and so on.

They are many but let your passion drive you to learn. Also, I would recommend golfing with professionals for they will teach you a thing or two, practically. Because the idea of skimming through paragraphs and articles on the game might not be too appealing to everybody.


Golf is a game that has a relaxing feel to it. You have got to relax to take a perfect shot. They say tension is the enemy of a golf swing so make sure you relax your body and don’t focus too much on mechanics trying to get the perfect shot. Keep all these tips in mind and let it happen more naturally.

Visualize the shot you want to achieve, i.e. the target, height of the ball flight and the curvature. Also, gauge the distance. You can breathe in and out to release any tension you might have.

Then step up to the ball and check that the club face is aligned, set your body to the club and grip the club last. This sequence has been tried and tested by professionals, and it only makes sense because by gripping the club early, you just might build the tension that we are trying to eliminate.


  • Give yourself a lot of time to warm up properly
  • Keep your hands in front of the club to achieve distance control and hit crisp shots
  • Learn and adhere to the rules of etiquette of the game.
  • Use your body well, learn how to manipulate parts of it to produce desired results
  • Know when it’s your turn to hit.


  • Don’t allow a bad shot throw you off your game. Or even a good shot for that matter.
  • Don’t stand stiff, use your body. If you are right-handed, keep your weight on your left side and vice versa for lefties.
  • Don’t step into another player’s putting line
  • Don’t underuse your body for example by being a hand player

Final Words

These tips are certified easy ways to completely turn your game around and make you a better golfer. Spare several hours for practice to build the perfect swing like a professional’s.

Practice is what will make you better for you get to fix your flaws and find out what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, when you go to the golf course to play, you will have a more polished swing that will give you your desired results. Enjoy!

Charles Wark

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