Callaway Mack Daddy 3 S-Grind Wedge Review

Callaway’s legendary brand gave golfers something new to think about in June 2015 when it released the Mack Daddy 3 (MD3) S-Grind wedge. S-Grind is the most versatile of Callaway’s clubs, and they let golfers with a wide-range of swing styles perfect their game.

Depending on what wedge you buy, there are three different kinds of grooves in the face of each club. The grooves let you change the spin and loft of the ball with precision, similar in scope to the Mizuno line of thinking. These are one of the highest-end wedges you can find on the market, but they are worth every penny.

Callaway Men's Mack Daddy 3 Black S-Grind Wedge

Many Conditions

Engineers created this wedge for any conditions, whether you’re in the bunker, rough, a weird lie or in a clear spot on the fairway. This wedge may feel a bit heavier than others, but it gives you solid contact with the ball. You can customize your Callaway wedge to your style of play, your swing and your physical abilities due to the weight distribution in each club head.


Expect to feel a thud when you strike the ball cleanly. This probably comes from the bottom of the club, or the sole, as you swing through the ball. The solid sole means a solid swing so you can get the ball out of its tight spot.


The S-Grind is the middle-of-the-road sole that isn’t wide or narrow. Two other versions of the MD3 have other soles that differ based on your plan of attack. The W-Grind is for wider soles and softer courses that may run a bit slow. The C-Grind is more narrow and works for firmer ground. The S-Grind is in between, which makes it a good choice for any golfer. Professionals may notice the difference in the soles, but regular golfers should probably stick with the S-Grind.

Solid Wedge

This wedge may not take strokes off your game, but it is a solid wedge to have in your arsenal. As with the other wedges in this review, you probably need to purchase it separately from your set due to the customizing that Callaway does with these pieces. The trick is to find a Callaway wedge that suits your game and the course conditions.


The four holes on the back of the wedge aren’t just for show. They allow Callaway to customize weights for each type of wedge on the market. Weights differ for each grind, and you should pick a club that meets your specifications.

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  • Customizable for any conditions, swings or skill levels.
  • Solid wedge for any golfer.


  • High-end club may be out of reach for ordinary golfers.
  • Non-professionals may not understand the nuances of the wedge.

Final Verdict

You can find a lot of different versions of Callaway’s MD3 S-Grind wedges, whether you want one with a loft of 46 degrees all the way up to 60 degrees. Choose wisely because you can only have a certain number of clubs in your bag at one time. Find a qualified fitter who can point you in the right direction of a custom-fit club.

Get ready for a lot of divots thanks to the weighted sole. If you get the wide variety, it digs into the soft ground like it’s putty. No matter what groove, weight or loft you order, this is a good high-end wedge.

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