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Unlike most other sports, golf is a game where you need the right equipment to be the best. For most “ball” oriented games, raw talent and skills can help you win, but in golf, you need to be smart and, most importantly, technically proficient with your gear.

Since you could have a dozen or so clubs in your bag at one time, you have to know all the ins and outs of each piece of equipment you use, so you know how best to succeed in your shots. I don’t care how good you are; if you golf with the wrong gear, you might as well be playing with a baseball bat.

Now, when most people think of golf gear, they picture the big stuff: clubs, golf bag, balls, tees, etc., etc. However, one surefire way to spot the difference between an experienced and an inexperienced golfer is that a newbie won’t think to ask what kind of shaft he or she is using.

For people new to the game, the club is all one piece. To pros, however, we know that the shaft is just as important as the club head since it can vastly help us improve our game and help us get a better handicap.

Today I’ll be going over the various shafts for golf clubs, but I’ll be specifically referring shafts for wedges since those are some of the most versatile clubs in your bag. Finally, I’ll show you some of the best options you can choose from, so you are well informed when making your decision.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Best Shaft for Wedges

When you are looking at shafts, there are certain categories that they fall under, and each category has to do with the level of flex. Also, there are typically two materials that are used for golf shafts: steel and graphite. To help you better understand the shafts I’ll be showing you today, I’ve outlined the different classifications below.


As the name would suggest, this shaft is recommended for women, since females generally have a lower club speed. If you hit the ball at 200 yards or less, then a ladies flex shaft is an ideal choice (even if you’re a man).


Older golfers also tend to have a softer swing, so senior flex shafts are designed with them in mind. If your shot is between 200 and 230 yards, then a senior flex is the best choice.

Regular Flex

If you’re not sure which type of flex shaft you need, then I would suggest starting with a regular flex and going from there once you’ve determined your overall range and club speed. If you’re really serious about getting better at your game, however, you can do an evaluation at the pro shop and figure out which flex is best for you before you buy. Regular flex shafts are by far the most popular.


If you drive the ball 250 yards or more off the tee, then a stiff shaft is probably for you. This shaft type is great for those who have a fast and vigorous club speed and excellent swing form.

Extra Stiff

Only the best players will opt for an extra stiff shaft since it requires much more discipline and practice to master. I would only recommend this type of flex if you consistently hit the ball out 300 yards or more.

Best Shaft for Wedges

Recommended Shafts for Wedges

Now that you know more about the different levels of flex let’s take a look at the different options we have in store for you.

Cleveland Lady Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge

Editor Rating:

First on our list is the Cleveland Lady Smart Sole 2.0 Graphite Shaft and Wedge.

As the title would suggest, you not only get the shaft, but you also get the club head with this, so it’s kind of a package deal.

Personally, I really like Cleveland Golf products, and I feel like the brand can be highly underrated, especially for those new to the game. In my experience, Cleveland Golf puts a lot of care and attention into its materials, and this is a perfect example.

The shaft for this club is made of regular graphite, so it is super lightweight and easy to handle. Also, since it’s a ladies flex shaft, you have much more maneuverability with your swing.

For someone who hasn’t used a soft flex before, it can take a little getting used to, but overall this is a perfect shaft for those who shoot 200 yards or less.

As I mentioned, this model comes with a club head that can be either 42 or 58 degrees in loft. It’s also only available for right-handed people, and the club comes with a new refined design, a better feeling plaque (for weight), and black satin finish.

Highlighted Features

  • Package set comes with club head and shaft
  • Club can come in either 42 or 58 degrees of loft
  • Ladies style flex shaft
  • Made of graphite
  • Right-handed club only
  • Improved sole design
  • Better weight feeling
  • Sleek black satin finish
New Cobra S2 Max Gap Wedge RH w-R-Flex Steel Shaft

Editor Rating:

Next, we have the New Cobra S2 Max Gap Wedge w/ R-Flex Steel Shaft.

Gap wedges have made a lot of headway in recent years as golf club manufacturers expand the distance between the lofts of lob and sand wedges.

A gap wedge is ideal for a wider range of environments and situations, and can help you get to the hole a lot faster. The S2 Max is a steel shaft, but that doesn’t mean that it’s stiff or extra stiff with regards to flex capacity.

This particular model is classified as regular flex, which means it’s ideal for most golfers, whether you’re still new or have been playing for a while. Unless you really need the extra boost from a stiff shaft, the S2 is perfect for most situations. Also, since this is a gap wedge, the degree of loft is 52, which is standard for this club type.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with club head and shaft
  • Solid steel shaft
  • Regular flex style
  • Club head is a gap wedge (52 degrees)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable construction
Fourteen Golf Men's RM-12 Dynamic Gold Shaft Wedge

Editor Rating:

When it comes to wedges, the brand Fourteen Golf is yet another underrated manufacturer.

While I don’t have that much experience with Fourteen Golf clubs, I have been mostly impressed by the craftsmanship and performance.

In this case, the RM-12 Dynamic Gold Shaft Wedge is a perfect example of the brand’s commitment to excellence. As with the other models on this list, the RM-12 comes with both the club head and the shaft itself.

When looking at the head, you can see that it has a proprietary tapering design to allow for better weight distribution, especially at the top of the blade. The wedge is also 58 degrees (lob) and has an eight-degree bounce.

When talking about the shaft itself, this is literally the gold standard since the shaft is what’s known as Dynamic Gold, which is made with touring and competition in mind. This is a stiff shaft style, so I would only recommend it to those who have been playing for a while and can hit the ball at least 250 yards from the tee.

Highlighted Features

  • Club head and shaft come together
  • Lob shaft has a 58-degree loft
  • Dynamic Gold shaft
  • Stiff shaft style
  • Ideal for pros and above-average golfers
  • Tapered head design for better weight distribution
  • Micro-milled pattern on the clubface for better control
  • Comes in either Chrome or black finish
  • Right-handed players only
Cleveland Men's Golf Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge

Editor Rating:

Our next shaft/wedge combo comes again from Cleveland Golf.

The Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge S is probably one of the more high-tech and sleek wedges out there.

Just looking at this club makes me feel like I’m living in the future.

The head itself has what’s called a Smart Sole, which means that it has a sleek, ergonomic design to help you get better control and weight distribution.The plaque (weight) in the club is specifically designed to improve your performance right away.

As for the shaft itself, it can be made of your choice of Traction Steel or regular graphite. If you choose graphite, you’ll have more flex to it, so I would recommend that to either pro golfers or anyone who is still learning to hit the ball further.

Highlighted Features

  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Club head and shaft included
  • Smart Sole design for club
  • Improved weight distribution and surface roughness
  • Head is designed to give you more control of your shots
  • Shaft is made of steel or graphite
  • Regular flex style shaft
  • Right or left-handed players welcome
  • Black satin finish
Spin Doctor Wedge - Steel Shaft

Editor Rating:

Finally, we come to the Spin Doctor wedge and steel shaft.

This is probably the brand that I’m least familiar with, but this particular model has a lot of nice features that I think set it apart from the competition, hence its inclusion on this list.

If the name Spin Doctor threw you for a loop, this club/shaft combo is so named because it will almost instantaneously improve your ball control by giving you a spin when you hit it.

The grooves, the weight, and the material itself are specially formulated to give you more spin so you can get the ball exactly where you want it to go. If you’re still working on how to use the spin to your advantage, you may want to start with something less advanced.

The shaft itself is made from high-quality steel, making this a regular flex style shaft. You can get this combo in a wide variety of degrees, so you could have a matching set of wedges if you want, including sand, gap, and lob wedges.

Highlighted Features

  • Club/shaft combo
  • Shaft is made of high-density steel
  • Regular flex style shaft
  • Comes in a variety of degrees
  • Sand, Gap, or Lob Wedges available
  • Grooves are designed to improve ball spin
  • Diamond inserts also help control the ball better

Final Verdict

When trying to pick out the best shaft for wedges, I have to say that all of these are pretty close with regards to capability and performance. However, what it really comes down to is what kind of game you play.

If you have trouble getting the ball further out than 200 yards, then I would recommend any model that comes in graphite, such as the Cleveland Lady or the Cleveland Men’s shaft.

If you are an old pro like myself, then a Dynamic Gold shaft is my top choice, although the Spin Doctor is not without its merit. Overall, each club head and shaft combination is highly rated and is sure to bring you endless satisfaction

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