Best Golf Sand Wedge: Guide & Review

The sand wedge is the heaviest club in your bag, so it can power through thick lies. Provided you get the heavy flange on the back of the club involved from the start, it'll glide through the green rather than getting stuck. You need to do two things to get comfortable with using a more-lofted club.

First, be willing to open the face at least a little at address. This brings the club's flange into play, setting up that gliding action through contact. You don't want the leading edge to dig.

The second thing is, you have to commit to making a bigger swing than you're used to, assuming you've been chipping and pitching with a less-lofted club. With a sand wedge, the harder you swing, the higher the ball goes, and the more quickly it stops. That means you need to change your aim to a spot closer to your target.

Best Golf Sand Wedge

Recommended Products

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Editor Rating:

It is the perfect club for getting your ball closest to the pin.

True Temper steel irons for high-quality performance and reliability. Sole grind allows players to open the clubface further to hit higher shots with more precision, therefore improving performance. 

Blade shape with modified bounce angles for dead stop spin and versatility from the sand, rough, or fairway. This wedge features tour-proven design and classic styling for a great golf game. Plus, the wedge has a classic high-polish finish and is available in assorted lofts.


  • UNIQUE SOLE DESIGN - A special sole grind allows players to open the club face for better performance on higher lofted shots.
  • CLASSIC STYLE - The traditional shape along with its two finish options - classic high-polish finish and anti-glare black chrome - appeal to a wide range of golfers.
  • 50° Pitch Wedge: For controlled shots from the fairway and greenside pitching
  • 52° Gap Wedge: For full shots, long bunker shots and greenside chipping
  • 56° Sand Wedge: Excellent in all sand and turf conditions
  • 60° Lob Wedge: High trajectory shots for precision shots into the green
  • 64° Trouble Wedge: For shots from deep bunkers or grass, and for soft landing full shots to tight pins
Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge

Editor Rating:

Midsize wedge sole helps provide accurate play from any lie. Tour shape and sharp leading edge.

The PGX wedge is a great addition to complete your PGX set.Available in 3 lofts, it gives you options to suit your needs. The 52 degree angle can be used out of the fairway, or around the green. 

It provides you the ability to hit lower lofted chips, which will generate more roll. The 56 wedge is often used as the SW. However, some players prefer to chip with it giving you more loft which will generate less of a roll.

It also is used regularly out of greenside bunkers. The 60 is the hardest of the 3 wedges to hit. It can be used around the green to chip with helping create the most spin. It does take time and practice to chip, with this, but can be a valuable tool to score once you master the 60 wedge.

All the wedges feature a wide sole at the bottom of the club head, which narrows towards the toe to provide a more forgiving hitting surface.

Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge

Editor Rating:

The Cleveland Tour Action wedge is designed for incredible feel and performance for golfers of all abilities.

The design is Tour-proven and trusted, with precision pressed grooves, smooth turf interaction and crisp feel to help you lock down your game from 125 yards and in.

Cleveland Tour Action Wedge features:

  • Lofts: 50A 52A 54A 56A 58A 60A
  • Precision milled CNC face grooves for soft feel and harsh control tolerances.
  • Tour-trusted sole grind features a standard bounce for consistent, leveled turf interaction
  • 431 stainless steel construction for crisp feel and durability
  • Charcoal gray finish reduces glare with a unique look
  • Tour-proven design provides feel and performance for golfers of all levels
  • Dynamic Gold Steel shaft available in Wedge flex
  • Lamk in Action Feel grip
Wilson Staff Men's Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge

Editor Rating:

The Wilson Men's Black Chrome 60 Wedge is an essential addition to an enthusiast's golf bag and is shaped for right-handed players.

A new innovative sole design in the Harmonized Wedges now gives golfers endless options around the green. 

Classic styling and unequalled value have made Harmonized wedges perennial top-sellers in a black-chrome finish. It features a new innovative sole design, classic styling and a satin finish.

Designed for making lob shots and for getting the ball out of sand traps and other course risks, this right-handed Wilson harmonized wedge gives players alternate shots when playing a game of golf. It is available in numerous lengths, allowing you to choose the one that is most comfortable for your use and playing style.

Cleveland Men's Golf Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge

Editor Rating:

Knocking it close has never been easier than with a Smart Sole 2.0 S Wedge.

A lenient sole design features the right amount of bounce and loft needed for successful escape from poor lies. The improved feel plaque on the sole places weight around the perimeter of the club for more forgiveness and vibration dampening. 

The wide sole design and shiny Black Satin finish outfits the Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 2.0 S Wedge with eye-catching style.


  • Playability: The S wedge is basically automatic on most bunker shots and better than expected on approaches from the fairway. the S handles straightforward chips and pitches fairly well, but again, it beams from sand.
  • DISTANCE CONTROL: Dialing in distances from the sand is the S club’s forte; ample weight in the club promotes consistent swings, and you get equally constant distances around the green; once you’re used to the chipper, it’s dead on from the fringe, short rough and fairway lies.
  • FEEL: Tons of stability through the hit—no twisting; surprisingly responsive and pleasing at impact; the chipper glides through turf and the ball shoots off effortlessly.
  • LOOK: At address, the S wedge doesn’t look that different from a 588, which is amazing considering its sole width

Final Verdict

Sand wedges are, of course, used primarily to hit out of sand bunkers. All sand wedges are styled and produced to include various degrees of bounce. If golfers want to see the difference a bounce angle can make, they should test their sand wedge against another club. But the club may also come in handy in other places.

The typical sand wedge is lofted about 56 degrees, so it may be convenient for playing short, high pitch shots. The club’s bounce plate makes it a poor choice on hard ground, so be certain the turf is sensibly soft before using your sand wedge from the fairway. A sand wedge is often a good choice when hitting from a downhill lie.

Such a lie inherently causes a flatter shot, so using a lofted club -- such as a sand wedge -- will help compensate for the difficult lie.The design of a sand wedges is to make those bunker shots effortless, regardless of golfing proficiency. And particularly so if a golfer knows how the sand wedge works. The sand wedge is designed with an inverted or “bounce” sole to keep the club from digging deeply into the sand and stopping the clubhead, resulting in a fat shot.

The sand wedge is also four to eight swing weights heavier than the other irons, and the width of the sole is the widest. The combination of the inverted, wider sole and heavier weight enables golfers to hit bunker shots with greater ease. Typical sand wedge lofts range from 54 to 60 degrees of loft. Also many of the more lofted lob wedges will even go to 64 degrees.

Choosing the loft for your sand wedge and lob wedge really depends on the lofts of other wedges you may carry. You do not want to create too big of gap in the lofts between all your wedges. The options as to brands and specifications can be very overwhelming.

Also keep in mind that what works for one golfer may not work for another. Numerous golfers have an individual angle of attacks on the ball with their swing and require different bounces than others.

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